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CIG is raising the bar in the industry

CIG is raising the bar in the industry. And that's part of why I love this project.


I got no plans at all to bother submitting cheater reports myself

What it is, is that CIG will have their own server side "under the hood" data capture.


How to Deal With Projectile Velocities in Star Citizen

Here is how I would approach this problem from a game balance point of view.


Star Citizen: What Do You Feel About the Private Servers

Hmm not sure if you're missing the point or I wasn't clear enough. Part of the advantage of private servers is a non-reliance on external services.


Buying a capitol ship opens the gateway of Star Citizen

Buying a capitol ship opens the gateway to game play that will be harder/impossible to enjoy from the getgo when you have to work your way up from an aurora.


The Mystery "Time" in Star Citizen

I have found this to be a conundrum over the last many months. Once it was well established that the game world is vast


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