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I have found this to be a conundrum over the last many months. Once it was well established that the game world is vast

The Mystery "Time" in Star Citizen

I have found this to be a conundrum over the last many months. Once it was well established that the game world is vast and there would not be a teleporting/instant fast travel system(which i am good for), it did occur to me that for an MMO it could actually be a bit of effort to ensure you and your buds were able to play as a group sometimes.


As i have been thinking on this one of the things that i saw was that SC seems to be less of a dev content driven game than typical MMOs. In a way that i think the preplanned content will not be so heavily leaned on by players. I think we will find much more of a "living breathing universe" than previous online titles.


Instead of kill the 20 things and then look around to see still the same 20 you had just killed conveniently waiting for the next player, things in the world will have actually changed. At least at the location at that moment in time


The Mystery "Time" in Star Citizen


I think that with a world server running a sim of all the NPCs and the world going on, even if zero players were logged in, this means the world itself is endlessly churning, unlike the static sets of previous MMO games.


I see that the game map being vast and travel times possibly being long may mean it's harder to roam far and wide while also ensuring you will be in the right place at the right time for group play plans.


But i do not think we will in fact have to go far and wide unless we just really want to. I believe that between the world sim of busy NPCs + when in QD we may be subject to "random encounters" even if the sim has nothing going on at that moment in that location.


So typical MMOs would have you burn through the static content at that location and then send you trucking off to the next set location for the next set of static content. In Sc PU i believe it will not be a game pushed requirement to go everywhere. A player likely could spend 90% of their play time in just a few local systems never traveling all that far out into the game world., but not run out of content at that location.


I feel if the game play is not pushing players to need to truck back and forth across the whole map, then this will be an acceptable mechanic of choices to make.

You may roam far and wide, just be aware doing so may mean you need to pay attention to the day of the week/time of day to ensure you can be at a meet up spot for group game play. but you will not be forced to do this and so can make choices about what's important for you, without necessarily being forced to make significant sacrifices to do so.


I do feel that if a game purports to be an online play with buddies kind of game then for sure it ought to not make doing that a pain in the ass. But i kind of feel ok about what things seem to be looking like to me at this point. A decently informed chocie without a lot of game gimping for choosing to stay within a more local play area, instead of trucking all over the universe at a moments whim.


So while systems may preclude easy options for playing with buds on a moments notices when combined with freely roaming wherever, i do not think players(me quite specifically) will not find our game play hampered a lot just because we are trying to ensure we are in the right place at the right time for group game play.

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