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Press N to retract/deploy landing gear. Deploying landing gear puts you in precision mode, which is limited to 50m/s.

Star Citizen Ship Control Guides

Press N to retract/deploy landing gear. Deploying landing gear puts you in precision mode, which is limited to 50m/s.


Once out of landing mode, you will ne in SCM (standard combat mode), which as the name says is made for combat.


If you look around on the hud, you will find the throttle indicator. Holding w makes it go up to 100%, holding s reduce it. Once your throttle is at 100%, your ship will accelerate to its top SCM speed and then keep it. Once at top speed, it will give you a feeling of floating, being stopped. Your engine will make way less noise. Thats normal. That's because in space, you don't need engines to keep momentum, only to accelerate.


Star Citizen Ship Control Guides


Pressing V will allow you to change speed modes. If your throttle is above 50%, pressing V will put you in cruise mode. This will significantly increase your top speed. If your throttle is below 50%, pressing V will put you in precision mode, aka slow mode. Note that pressing N to go in landing mode will also lock you in precision mode, no matter which speed mode you were before.


Q and E will rotate your ship, a and d will move it laterally and ctrl will move it down and space move it up. Note that for these keys, you need to hold it. Once you release the key, the ship will stop the movement. Basically, those keys allow you to manually use your maneouvering thrusters.


As said before, W and S control your throttle only. If you want to manually control your maneouvering thrusters to move forward or backward, you need to press left alt + w or left alt + s. This will make your ship move forward as well as accelerate up to top speed. 


When you want to land, this is the preferred way to control your ship. Use s to lower your throttle to 0. Your ship will gradually reduce speed until it stops moving. Press N to go into landing mode. Available landing zones will be highlighted in blue. Head toward one of those using your maneouvering thrusters (alt+w, alt+s, etc). Once above the landing zone, your hud will show a 3d view of your ship and the landing pad, allowing you to position yourself. High-tech landing zone like Olisar have auto-landing. Once above the pad, an indicator will appear saying to hold n to auto-land. Low-tech landing zones like Grim Hex will need you to land manually. Auto-landing will only engages once you are a few centimeters off the ground. No tech zones like a random asteroid obviously have no landing zones, as well as no 3d indicator of your ship, so it's for advanced pilot only (going into 3rd person view will help).


I suggest first getting accustomed with those flight controls and gaining experience before experimenting with decoupled mode. It's a mode for advanced manoeuvres only.

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