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With this new marketing strategy to capture 'new' money via a discount, how that has worked out.

Star Citizen Financial Suposition Exploring

With this new marketing strategy to capture 'new' money via a discount, how that has worked out.


Sure, we've seen a ton of money generated from the sale, but... I wonder how much of it was generated exclusively from the cash discount portion.


For every 9 ships you sell at 10% off to a backer who would have bought said ship even if there hadn't been a discount, you have to have had 1 person buy a ship in new cash for that price that would not have bought it at all except that the discount existed just to break even.


Star Citizen Financial Suposition Exploring


Since many people will have bought a large portion of ships just because they were available and because there was a nice LTI token ship ready to purchase and CCU up to XYZ ship, those funds are just par for course. And don't reflect the success of this new marketing strategy in the least.


I also get that people have suggested that now, melting ships to buy these new ships is to be discouraged, because they are getting less value back out of their previously invested money when CCUing. Okay, I guess I can see that..since since that's a zero gain of new money for CIG.


But what I don't get, is how they didn't plan to account for the backers who have ships locked into a multi-ship packages, unmeltable..with only the option to upgrade. Do they think we'll buy a new duplicate ship we don't need, just because their is a discount? No..I'll pass.. so no new money there. Now, what I would do, is I'd happily pay the difference and CCU my one ship, into this other, more expensive ship..infusing at least a portion of new cash into the game. The exception being, that suddenly, even when doing a ship to ship upgrade, I have to pay more over all for that same ship...and since when does anyone like supporting/spending new money when getting charged more than the guy next to them.


Regardless of whether or not the cash discount marketing strategy is fair, or ethical to any backer who had money in the game prior to these newest sales (yes, it affects all backers, not just OLD backers), I have to ponder how much money did they fail to capture from those who would have paid with new cash the difference between one package locked ship and another, if only their money had been treated equally.


I know personally, falling into that later category, the money I didn't spend is in the several hundreds this sale (counting only potential new cash). 


And while I can appreciate that CR has said these sale tactics will only apply to new concepts and capitals... considering those are the two most desirable assets SC produces, I kinda have to laugh that this is stated as if it is some kind of concession to keep backers satisfied. And of course, we now have these new hero ships, the first of more to come I'm sure.. where a stock ship is given a new skin, an alternate loadout, called a 'concept' given LTI to blow up its desirability and pushed out the door... again... within the newly defined parameters stated to allow for a cash discount sale. In short...every single ship that has been released to date, could be re-released, with LTI, and a cash discount. 


And with LTI being increasingly available, it means increasingly little. I would go so far as to say, LTI is so prevalent that as a game mechanic, it is no longer meaningful in the eventual universe and should likely be given not to every single backer pre launch, but every ship sold post launch as well. CIG understands why it sells so well now, because people live in terror of the idea of a ship they spent 10s, no 100s, no, 1000s potentially on, being lost to whatever mad circumstance might occur. Because no matter how easy it is to equip insurance, some drunk fool will log in and lose a Javelin some night, and it'll get ugly quick.

It's already been said that even if you lost a ship without insurance, you'd have alternative ways to recover. So why do we have LTI now? Marketing is why. But I digress.




I can expect this to be written off as a rant, or's the story go... the 'vocal minority' ..yeah yeah.. heard that before. I wonder though, when people get upset and aren't the table flip type.. they just don't spend, or they leave.. If they leave without being vocal, you've now lost a critical and important element to staying on top of marketing. You've lost the voices of those who had money, but left disenfranchised. Or worse yet, they go and share their unhappiness outside of this close and closed little community we have, usually with people who haven't joined us and spent money, who as far as fresh money goes, are the untapped well we need to be reaching. So of course if most don't want to get shouted down, or go against the stream, they take the easy road and just walk away. 


Some of us though, aren't leaving, already in too deep.. but you'd think our voices should be important if we are the representative body of a larger part that cannot or will not speak. The number of people saying an idea isn't what gives an idea merit or value.. it is the idea itself.


Of course.. it's all just supposition. We don't have those internal numbers. And I doubt even CIG can know the results of this new turn in sales tactics just yet. Perhaps they will revise things, and seek a way to make amends. Or it'll be a case of hoping we forget and are distracted with the new shiny. I don't know. I have a lot of faith in a lot of aspects of CIG. It's a personal relationship at this point, and those always engender the most heart. I know the good intention is there, and I also know that sometimes the path isn't always easy, or without its pitfalls. So regardless of what I consider a misstep, I can only hope they find success because so many dreams lay in their hands. From backer to employee, this is so much more than just a game.


Food for thought. And if you've read through another wall of text authored by me, then you deserve MVP.. seriously ^_^

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