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I really wish Chris Roberts would break the cone of silence and address some core issues that the community wants to hear about.

Star Citizen: We Funded A Game, Not A Company

I really wish Chris Roberts would break the cone of silence and address some core issues that the community wants to hear about.


In fact that is what I'm going to ask for: Please Chris we kind of need to hear you on this. Remember the pledge.


As a backer with 6000 dollars investment I kindly ask for clarification on and recommitment to the pledge that was made earlier to us - where we were to be dealt with fairly and honorably. TO be treated with respect and to be kept informed. I hold CIG and Chris Roberts accountable to that pledge. It is the basis of my trust in and commitment to this project.


Star Citizen: We Funded A Game, Not A Company


I feel there is very little transpararency right now and we are not being treated fairly as backers. Especially in the light of recent backpeddling on promises and commitments made to early backers regarding ship and pledge values - this violates the wording and spirit of the pledge that was made to us after a lot of us really went all in and commited vast sums of money to the development of this game at a time when that extra funding was instrumental in defining exciting new possibilities.


What is more: I am concerned that our money has gone into building a corporate empire, rather than a game - A business that we hear lots about. What we dont hear about is REAL progress on the game - and I don't mean tech demos or "Show and tell" videos. We've had years of demos of features and functions that never saw the light of day and we never really get any concrete info on when new features are coming. It is one thing to tell us *soon* but it is entirely another to hide the roadmap entirely from us - this is NOT transparency - it is concealment and antithesis to the promised transparency defined in the pledge.


Especially since it is your subscribing fans that are actively paying for extra visibility towards the development I think it is discourteous to simply push out video updates that do nothing to demonstrate real progress but only show a mercantile and corporate expansion that has very little to do with how good the game will be or how soon it will be released: We get it! the company is very very big now. But for example: Star marine was demoed years ago and still didnt arrive. Many many videos over the past years have demoed things we still dont see. Many many promised features have yet to see the light of day. I don't watch developer interviews or broadcasts any more because I feel it is showing off things I may or may not ever see.


Lots of money is apparently being spent on shiny tech and the people to play with it. But we dont have a good idea on any release dates for even the features you were promising and demoing years ago in previous conventions - never mind the last show and tells at gamescon and citizencon. The only thing we see is a massive organisation swallowing up huge resources and not really delivering anything concrete except more promises and more ship sales - the most recent of which has been promoted in a way that leaves a lot of us feeling very dismayed becuase it undermines our initial risk: The chance we took on you.


Please PLEASE address these issues. Reaffirm your commitment to the pledge you made. Make your roadmap more visible and finally: Keep your marketing department on a tighter leash: In the opinion of this backer they have caused RSI a lot of injury this week by reneging on previous firm commitments.


I fear you have forgotten the pledge, or that you now have people working in CIG who never really understood it.

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