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I hear this a lot. Not going to happen for a couple of reasons. One of two things are going to happen either we win the instance or the Vanduul do.

Myths & Erroneous Assumptions about Operation Pitchfork

“We are going to come in and salvage after all you guys are dead and get rich with no risk” 


I hear this a lot. Not going to happen for a couple of reasons. One of two things are going to happen either we win the instance or the Vanduul do.


If the Vanduul win, the instance spins down all the salvage is gone, CIG has already stated that they are not planning on trying to keep track of that on the Universe Server, although they may do something long term (i.e. post Pitchfork). Odds are you are going to be in a “fresh” instance. You may get lucky and manage to time it exactly right and jump in to the instance before it closes. In either case, have fun with that, I hope you brought a lot of escorts. 


Myths & Erroneous Assumptions about Operation Pitchfork


We win, first you have to get into our specific instance without the friend mechanic helping, possible but adds risk of landing in a fresh instance. Second I can’t speak for every organization in the alliance, but odds are our shooters aren’t going to let someone jump in a walk out with the loot, especially since we have our own Salvage and support groups that will be repairing and resupplying our shooters and the salvage will be helping fund for that support. Our shooters will change roles from attack to escort while the instance is picked clean. Once all that activity is complete, support folks head back to a forward operating location (base) and shooters head to their next mission or back with the support folks as needed. At that point the instance closes and anything that hasn't been picked clean is gone. 

Want salvage from Pitchfork? Awesome join us, it is probably the only way it is going to happen 


“Pitchfork Is Leeroy Jenkins!!!” 


This is both very true and very not true. There is a certain tongue-in-cheek in everything we do, so it is easy to misunderstand our intent. Pitchfork is made up from a very diverse member base at the organization and individual pilot levels. We literally have thousands of members each with his or her own idea of what’s fun. Complicating that is the way the game is instanced, so a typical command hierarchy simply won’t work. 


To mitigate that, we are organizing around our member organizations. They know what level of organization their membership will tolerate. Some are so organized that they would do a western military proud, while others just want to crash into a kingship with a full load of antimatter. Some are only interested in support roles while others are only interested in combat, still others are into combined arms with an organic support infrastructure. 


Our members are picking how they want to play and who they want to lead them into battle by virtue of the organization or ad hoc group they join. So the level of organization is up to our member orgs and ad hoc group’s own leadership. It is only fitting that they lead their folks into epic battle. I fully expect to see some of our pilots doing some ridiculously epic things for the lutz, just like I expect to see some act with discipline and team work to accomplish amazing things.


Bottom line it is up to our pilots how they fly. 


“Pitchfork Plans to wipe out the Vanduul” 


No disrespect meant to anyone, but this is one of the sillier myths. Our intent is to push the Vanduul back out of Human space and secure Orion from further attack. This means we are going to have to remove the Vanduul presence from Tiber, Orion, and potentially two to three others depending on Vanduul dispositions and the desire of our member base. Last check there are 16 Vanduul controlled systems. The math isn’t working very well there. More importantly CIG has worked way too hard on them including creating a language, the Vanduul are too interesting an enemy for us to want to wipe out.


Finally, let face it, CIG can spawn as many Vanduul as they want with running a simple script, they are not going to let us wipe them out even if we wanted too... 


“Pitchfork can’t work because of instancing” 


We have known about instancing since before day one and it has driven how we are structured. Some of the included information has been taken from face to face discussions some of our members have had with CR and the Dev team. I will throw out a sea anchor and say that the game is still in development so take what is written below with a grain of salt. 


We know there is a bucket of Vanduul at any given location, that bucket is spread across all the instances that are spun up. So if there are 1000 (or 10000) Vanduul a location A, if we spin up two instances each gets 500. But only a certain number can "fit" an instance as we kill them more will be fed in until the bucket is empty. Whether Vanduul reinforcements will come in waves or a serial fashion is unknown, but were I to guess it would be in waves 


So the idea is 100's of small battles all happening in parallel. Each instance is its own world and the outcome of each helps determine the overall outcome of the operation. That is one reason we are building around our member orgs, they will command their own instance and rightly leading there pilots in to battle.


Overall we see instancing as an advantage, the expectation is that we will always be out numbered. But like “The 300” the Vanduul can only bring limited number of ships at us one time. Instead of 10 to 1 advantage may be more like 2 to 4 to 1 at any one time. To me those odds go from “No way” to “doable” of course some of the Vanduul ships will be Caps but hey 


We are going to have to be flexible in our thinking and adapt as more of the game mechanics become evident. Bottom line we have known about instancing since the Kickstarter campaign and has been central to our planning. 


“Pitchfork is going to fail because (fill in the blank)”


This one kind of makes me sad because whoever is writing it is missing what Pitchfork is actually all about. Pitchfork is a community event that celebrates our game about to go “live”. Our main goal is for every participant to simply have fun and do something epic they won’t ever forget. 


Because we are a worldwide community, the only opportunity we have to celebrate together is online, so it seems fitting we do it in game. Other goals include getting every backer to join us, change the lore, and exceed CIG’s expectation of “player driven content” (They did ask after all) 


We do have in game objectives that support those goals, such as freeing Orion, “removing” the Vanduul from Tiber. But those are tools that support the main goal of having fun. We needed an enemy we could all agree on and that is strong enough that it is almost a suicidal to attack them. Epic and easy gaming don’t belong in the same sentence. 


The important point here is that while we are going to try very hard to “win” the in game battle, the outcome actually has no bearing whether Pitchfork is successful or not. All that matters is every one of us has fun during the operation. 


“Pitchfork is nothing but a bunch of PVE Care***** who can’t hang with us PVPers”


While it is true an attack on the Vanduul is a PVE activity. I would strongly caution anyone who thinks we are “easy meat” to look before leaping. The game is PVA and while I can’t speak for the thousands of volunteers I myself and the group I routinely fly with are much much more PVP focused. 


While we truly would like every backer to join us, realistically we know some will actively oppose us. To those that do attack us. Give it your best shot, but don’t be too surprised if the “froker” you are engaging is having more fun than you are as he/she flies through what used to be your ship. :P 

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