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I look at games from a very out of lore, just under the hood mechanics POV. I try to be more quantitative and less qualitative whenever possible.

Is Star Citizen the "death-penalty" Game?

I look at games from a very out of lore, just under the hood mechanics POV. I try to be more quantitative and less qualitative whenever possible. If I have to go qualitative I try to speak with lots of undefined variables. It's the bigger picture where the variables can be self defined by the reader, but working toward a same outcome.


Death penalty is a very qualitative wording that can affect people's thinking about what we're trying to do here in design.

It blends in lore notions and under the hood designs.

What are the goals of the under the hood?


In the case of what you're describing that's a layer to be primarily designing directly for the player. It's about them, the effects we want to apply to them personally. Not exclusive to the back and forth competitive / player challenge mechanics aspects in our game.


We're talking about what I think is well termed, a game's punitive systems.

These are the penalty boxes/score penalties/play mechanics burdens(loss of yardage/whatever) that exist explicitly, to keep the emotionally driven humans participating in the competition. Playing in the intent of the game, and from being the poor humans we're prone to being. We also only really need these when we're being competitive. No one else needs to care what anyone did alone in some solo player game with no one but themselves. We'd not need to waste our time designing that kind of stuff.


Is Star Citizen the "death-penalty" Game?


These systems are explicitly penalties. Often against the offending individual specifically.

And that is an important distinction to make from; 


and that is a condition of the game we expect players to contend with, sometimes/eventually/as par for the course of playing this game.


Penalty for not playing the game


Part of what playing this game is to do/deal with.



We have entirely different options/powers/constraints/considerations when designing one or the other.

Most notably, only the game has any constraints really. When designing penalties there are no constraints. We have no obligation to retain any lore or game mechanics with them.

Not even to be fair/balanced about it if it is to be an outright deterrent and punishment meant to curb any significant repetition.


If we're doing mechanics of play as penalties mixed up. This may have an effect like you describe of making what we thought was a penalty into a meta fast travel.

Or if we were just designing a grindy RNG addiction fest that increased grind time to fast travel, maybe we're geniuses.


I believe CIG are open that death is part of the game. It's part of the game that a player amassing enough wealth(game power) is at significant risk of that wealth being lost to a money sink. It's the 7 on the dice, it's just part of what the game intends to have go on in it I believe. 


I think some MMO play design evolution will be attempted in SC PU. My thinking is they may be moving in this direction.


The designs make what we are as play be X in difficulty/harshness rating(loss of Z = how hard).

We can dial that in for the target audience that's large enough to be a viable market while not dipping too low deeply in the barrel. Nor skimming only cream off the top (whatever floats our personal boat most that's niche) either for a realistic viable business of this size.


Once we have what the game play says is par for the course of this game. 

Now we design penalties.Now we consider those that need some time in the penalty box and how to best influence them. Maybe also ask what kind of influence do we want to have o them?

I believe CIG are going to approach punitive systems in this dual layered way more than we've seen other MMOs willing to leverage such concepts in the past.


But as to the details of all those specific variables that add up to say how hard is the game/how harsh are the punitive systems and so on. I leave that up to CIG and don't personally speculate on specifics too much. 

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