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What it is, is that CIG will have their own server side "under the hood" data capture.

I got no plans at all to bother submitting cheater reports myself

What it is, is that CIG will have their own server side "under the hood" data capture.

This data will, as we gather more and more of it, create a very accurate picture of what is humanly possible and what is average in SC PU.


A player's data will simply give itself away as being out of spec for what is and is not humanly possible in the game engine.

technically speaking an FPS game server can know exactly what the player's cross hairs are aiming at through the entire map.

If we recorded the right data we could discover if a player managed to keep their firing line right on a player;'s head while they were out of line of sight of the player.

In which case a few hits on it would not be out of possible. But if the line is too spot on it for too much time while the target should not be visible to the player. We can see that this must be an aimbot or a wallhack in effect to be able to clock the on target time without line of sight.


I got no plans at all to bother submitting cheater reports myself


CIG will have plenty of their own back end/under the hood measures in place.


In terms of reporting from players.

Every report we make costs us money. Someone at CIG has to be paid to read it, players submitting reports is not free.

So in order to help control the costs of player side reporting, we set a minimum bar of creditable evidence to be provided or we will not accept a player cheat report.


It is just all too often that a losing player simply calls hacks and would submit a report costing you and me both moeny to have just been a butt hurt whiny baby that didn't want to believe they were not as good as that player.


So yes we will have a "minimum bar to entry" as it were, for anyone that wants to cost us money to look at their cheater report.

So if anyone was wanting to be on about cheaters and be the cheater police ,then yes they will need to be prepared to submit video evidence.


But of course if you do not personally worry too much about them, and you can just stomach their bullshit from time to time.

Then no need to worry about trying to record every play session.


I got no plans at all to bother submitting cheater reports myself. Again cheaters are just the online gaming weather from my POV And technically speaking if a game company wants to be on about it, they have all the power they need already really.

There is no denying long term stat tracking and what it makes clear is or is not normal in the game. Our reports are a shallow secondary way to spot cheaters compared to the server side data that is available, if a company chooses to leverage it.

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