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Here is how I would approach this problem from a game balance point of view.

How to Deal With Projectile Velocities in Star Citizen

Here is how I would approach this problem from a game balance point of view. 



1. Fixed weapons should be more powerful than gimbaled weapons. 


2. People should have to use weapon groups, not fire everything at once all the time. 


3. Instead of maximum sustained DPS, the goal should be maximum applied DPS on the target. 


How to Deal With Projectile Velocities in Star Citizen



a. Remove manual gimbal aim. Balance auto-gimbaling against fixed weapons. 


b. Up the energy drain/CPU requirements so that players cannot use all mounts, all guns, all the time. 


c. Auto-gimbaling also makes guns assigned to the weapon group auto-converge. 


d. Standardize weapon projectile/energy speed across the same weapon family. Larger weapons of the same type should also have faster muzzle exit speeds. 



I. a. should give players the incentive to incorporate fixed weapons into their loadouts, instead of either searching for ships that don't have fixed/locked mounts or trying to monoboat with all gimbals. It would also level the playing field between mouse and joystick/controller players, and give a bigger focus to flying your ship, instead of moving your cursor around. 


II. b. should disable monoboating, and have people learn to use weapon groups, combining different weapon effects for attacking their opponents. Most space sims use the energy drain mechanic rather well as a limiter, SC leaves a lot to be desired. 


III. c. should help remove some of the weapon speed discrepancies for people that are not skilled enough yet to use fixed weapon multiple group loadouts (which should be the preferred end skill meta in the game). It should also allow more powerful and consistent weapon combinations inside the same weapon group.


IV. d. makes sense as a balance pass for weapon speed, and should enable many weapon group combos if properly implemented. It should also enable easier mix-matching of different weapon types and sizes into the same group, while preserving the utility and skill ceiling that disparate weapon speeds give to the game. 


Hope that helps, cheers..C:

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