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CIG is raising the bar in the industry. And that's part of why I love this project.

CIG is raising the bar in the industry

The game play possibilities this opens up are staggering to consider.... let alone the immersion factor.


This guy is doing Vanduul and Xi'an... who's doing the other languages?


But once again, CIG just goes balls out and takes something to level no one has really done before. I mean sure, we've had Klingon in Star Trek games, etc. But languages created for a game are a bit more rare... And if they are, like dragon tongue in Skyrim... they don't go to this kind of depth. Not an actual language you can learn to speak and communicate in.


CIG is raising the bar in the industry


To go to that kind of depth... even the interview ends with the dude encouraging us to learn the languages... not just created, but created with the level of completion and depth to be able to learn to speak them.... that's kinda mind blowing, and well outside the norm of even AAA games.


Once again, I say, this is not a crowdfunded AAA game... this is the first AAAAA or 5A game or something... it's a new weight class we've never seen before. What they are doing with languages (and not just these two... Tevarin, Banu and who knows what else) is yet another indicator that they've blow right past 'AAA' and landed in some strange new place.


Part of what's cool about this project is that big publishers have the resources and deep pockets to make some of these things happen in other games. ME4 could have real languages if EA wants it to. So I think this game is going to put a bit of pressure on some of the publishers to do similar things in future games.


CIG is raising the bar in the industry. And that's part of why I love this project.

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