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Buying a capitol ship opens the gateway to game play that will be harder/impossible to enjoy from the getgo when you have to work your way up from an aurora.

Buying a capitol ship opens the gateway of Star Citizen

Buying a capitol ship opens the gateway to game play that will be harder/impossible to enjoy from the getgo when you have to work your way up from an aurora.


Furthermore capitol ships can potentially do more professions to a limited degree as they have bigger arsenals of hardpoints that you can equip differently.


If i had the time, i would rather build my way up from an aurora - and perhaps later down the line i will do so with a second account


But in this case, starting with 1 capitol ship means i can immediately start enjoying the game play that i am looking forward too the most, while using it to earn the smaller ships that i wanted (and used) to have.


TL;DR its extremely dependent on the capitol ship and your personal situation.


To me it seems silly that a lot of folk outright assume that capitol ships will cost money and wont generate it.


We will have about 1~3 years of alpha/beta to fly and learn the game while fielding a capitol ship, which means that by the time the serious players launch their capitol ships, they will know which pitfalls and rookie errors to avoid.


Because capitol ships vary wildly in their functions and in their ability to gain OR drain credits it makes more sense to me to shortly summarize the most fitting situations for said ship.


example: An 890jump blockade running illegal merchandise will prob generate massive profits even if it gets damaged along the way, and not many ships can match it in this potential revenue stream as smaller/lighter ships wouldn't survive passing the blockade.


The same ship will be a massive drain on credits when fielding it to brawl with idris and polaris just in its repair costs alone, not to mention that it would be way out of its comfort zone.


Buying a capitol ship opens the gateway of Star Citizen


TL;DR: capitolships don't generate loss by default, they generate profit or loss based on how efficient you utilize the ship.


Furthermore i feel you missed the exclusivity factor of certain ships, as this greatly effects the decision of getting a capitol ship.


best example is the 890jump in that matter, as its going to be extremely wanted and exclusive


Either you are one of the few that buys the 890jump now, guaranteeing yourself that you will be able to enjoy this ship throughout beta without any losses incurred and have it in final game no matter its rarity.


Or you decide to earn it later down the line in game.


The problem that you are highly like to run into, is that you first end up playing X amount of days/weeks to raise the credits(which is fun).


Then by the time you have raised the credits, you will find that there are about 1000 others that raised the credits.(which is fun)


You all will want to buy the 890jump, but only say 100 are created this real life week at a few main origin vendors spread around the universe(which is fun)


So now you have to race around to buy the ship and first come first serve, and if you didnt get lucky this round your gonna have to keep trying.(which is not so much fun after a while)


However next week the amount of folk that can afford and want the 890jump has gone from 1000-100 bought + 1000 = 1900


Which means its even harder to get one of the 100 allotment this time round.(fun for owners, not so much for people that want one)


All the time that you are flying back and forth in hopes of buying that legendary new ship, you could've been playing the game in a way that you enjoyed more.


Ofcourse, we will have to see how CIG will handle it and what the actual numbers will be, but they have already confirmed that the current plan is that you'd have to search all the ship dealers to hopefully find that rare ship you want to buy as this makes the ship truly valuable and special ingame.


TL;DR : rarity and cool factors has a massive effect on your personal perceived value of capitol ships and the perceived value of said ships in game down the line.

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